Electronic payment
combined with
your professional agenda


Mobminder Pay is designed for professionals working with appointments


We create a website with prepayment or integrate it into your existing website. You choose the prepayment amount to be paid for the booking of services. Prepayments appear in your Mobminder agenda.


You pay fewer subscription fees and commissions. We assure you of the lowest transaction costs in the market.

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Payment by QR-code or bank card, with your smartphone or with a fixed terminal, at your place of work, on the road or online... We help you to find the right payment solution for your business.


You can view the status of all payments in your agenda, whether they are paid at the time of booking online or at the place of service. All electronic payments arrive in your account the day after the transaction (D+1 working day).

We have a tailor-made payment solution for you


  • Guaranteed payment
  • Booked services are prepaid even in case of no-shows. The money is available the day after the reservation and not on the day of the appointment.

  • Customised e-commerce website included
  • Get a website with prepayment or integrate prepayment on your existing website.

  • Prepaid amount
  • You choose the prepaid amount for each of your services.

  • Universal, simple and secure
  • With all payment methods: bank cards, bank applications or Payconiq.

  • Overview of payments on your professional agenda
  • Be notified of any payment when a booking is made online.

QR code payment without cards

  • Lower or free transaction fee
  • Our version of the QR code payment is free of transaction fees. The Payconiq version of the QR code payment comes with the best commission rates on the market.

  • At work and on the go
  • With a single click, the QR code appears on your smartphone, tablet or computer screen.

  • Payment from the visitor's smartphone
  • Using their banking application or the Payconiq application, your patient or client scans the QR code to pay.

  • Overview of payments on your professional agenda
  • You get a clear overview of the payments directly on your professional agenda.

  • Secure payments
  • The QR code contains the necessary information to guarantee a secure payment. You can easily check if the transaction was successful.

Bank card reading with your smartphone

  • With an application on your smartphone
  • You accept contactless payments with your phone using our Mobminder Pay mobile application.

  • At work and on the go
  • Votre smartphone devient un terminal de paiement mobile qui vous accompagne sur tous vos déplacements.

  • Accepting any bank card substitute
  • Connected watches, smartphone wallet, ...

  • All without a payment terminal
  • No more wires, hardware failures or connection problems.

  • Overview of payments on your professional agenda
  • Each payment is related to an appointment and a patient/client.

Card reading with fixed payment terminal

  • Use your work agenda
  • You trigger a payment with your business agenda on the fixed terminal.

  • Perfect for locations with a reception desk
  • Your patients/clients pay at the reception desk where payments are triggered directly on a terminal from the agenda.

  • Accepting any contactless payment
  • Connected watches, smartphone wallet, ...

  • Using a fixed terminal
  • You can rent or buy one of our payment terminals.

  • Overview of payments on your professional agenda
  • Each payment is associated with an appointment and a patient/client.

All payments under your control

Electronic payment

Your patient/client pays when booking the service online and/or on site.

Payment status

You can monitor the status of the payments or the remaining balance on your agenda.

Transfer to your account

All electronic payments from your patients/clients are transferred to your account the day after the transaction (D+1 working day).

Payments tracking

Keep track of your payments easely using the reports generated by your agenda.

Pay less fees and commissions

Subscription fees

The subscription fee covers the integration of the professional agenda with the different payment options. You manage your payments directly from your agenda.

Pay & Go

29 €

  • Professional agenda
  • On-site payment
  • -
  • Payments integrated with an agenda
  • Payment reports
  • Telephone and email support

Pay & Pro

59 €

  • Professional agenda
  • On-site payment
  • -
  • Payments integrated with an agenda
  • Payment reports
  • Telephone and email support
  • Confirmation emails
  • SMS reminders
  • Online distance training
  • Appointment booking page

Pay & Premium

79 €

  • Professional agenda
  • On-site payment
  • Online prepayment
  • Payments integrated with an agenda
  • Payment reports
  • On-site support and dedicated contact
  • Confirmation emails
  • SMS reminders
  • On-site training
  • Personalized appointment booking page
  • Import of your current agenda
  • Import of your patient/client register

Bank affiliation fees

If you also wish to read payment cards, a one-off affiliation fee of €99 is charged by the bank. We will take care of everything for you.

Transaction fees

Banks charge a fee for each transaction. We negotiate the best transaction rates with the banks for you.

Find out here what transaction fees apply in the country where you operate.

Terminal fees

You do not pay any fees if you wish to use your smartphone as a payment terminal. If you wish to use a fixed payment terminal, a rental or purchase fee will apply. Contact us to find out what these costs are.

High quality support with market experts

  • Partners
  • We work with trusted partners in the electronic payment industry.

  • Support
  • An expert and dedicated contact person advises you and guarantees you personal support.

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